vineri, 2 decembrie 2016

I love his game, Montrezl Harrell is all over the place

McAdoo may not be great, but that play is all number 21's fault. He doesn't box out his guy, then double teams instead of finding the unmarked player. The fact that Mcadoo gets any play time is astounding. Dude straight sucks.
The fact that players routinely get away with this stiff arm to the neck/face area on "poster dunks" is infuriating when tiny incidental contact to the face frequently gets a flagrant 1. A real poster doesn't require committing an offensive foul to gain an advantage. Griffin and James are notorious for this.

luni, 21 noiembrie 2016

Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks, Full Game Highlights

Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks, Full Game Highlights
I love the Bucks v Warriors Series
Bucks had this game, if bad decisions weren't made in clutch situations and wide open shots were made. Curry playing trash again having 1-11 from 3pt land and 2-7 in the fourth in FGs...Klay and KD on the other hand 29 and 33! Klay 20 in the 3rd!

sâmbătă, 12 noiembrie 2016

The 76ers have officially won their first game

They beat the Pacers 109-105, Joel Embiid had 25 points and 7 rebounds. The last time the 76ers had won a game in the regular season was April 5th against the Pelicans.
Actually, the Sixers have been surprisingly good this season until the last 2 minutes of a game, almost beat the Thunder on the first game. I was so convinced that they were somehow going to choke a 4 point lead with 8 seconds left in the last game. Glad they didnt for BB sake. Because hes not a bad coach by any means. The team is just bad. He's been taking so much heat because the Sixers are preforming as expected.

But Sixers have the worst point differential in the league by a pretty good margin. That comes from those 3 losses: 28 vs Hawks, 16 against Hornets, 25 against Jazz. Every other game Sixers coughed up the lead in the final few minutes.
Philadelphia just ended their 44-game pre-December losing streak. The last time they won a game in October/November was 1,085 days ago.

duminică, 6 noiembrie 2016

Paul George gets ejected after kicking the ball into a fan

Not super malicious, he should be given a bit of a break here because of his good reputation, but he absolutely should not do that, he was right to be ejected. It's good that he understood too and was peaceful afterwards.
The reaction after the boneheaded move is what I like to see. This is a game where emotions run high, but to immediately realize your mistake and apologize should hopefully only make this a fine, not a suspension.
Keep your head out there youngblood.

It wasn't on purpose, as in he didn't mean to hit the fan.
And there was no malicious intent behind it. But it's still unacceptable to lose control of your frustration and kick a ball into a fan's face. I think she was okay and they hugged and talked it out, but if he kicked too hard, something crazy could have happened and it would have still been his fault.

joi, 27 octombrie 2016

Come out of Nowhere

Your circumstances don’t determine your outcome. Come out of Nowhere like LeBron James.
For those who are strong enough to believe, strong enough to pick themselves up off the ground, strong enough to do what the doubters say can't be done...

Whether you are supposed to be here or not... Here you are

luni, 17 octombrie 2016

Phil Jackson's game plan for the 1991 NBA Finals Bulls vs. Lakers

Phil Jackson:
We have had a great playoff run to get to the finals. Now we must regain the momentum that we have been able to generate in the first three rounds and apply in this last round against the Lakers. It si important that each player remembers what got us here i.e. teamwork, wolfpacking, vision, excellent execution of our game mind. Don't be duped by the press they like to divide and conquer - there is a German word used in phil/psch ideas-it gestalt; meaning "the whole is different / other then the sum of its parts" Bulls!

Defensively we must get this team out of their offensive half court sets. They try to get opponents lulled to sleep, threatened at the post, and then rotate the ball and get good shot opportunities. We must use our ability to pressure the ball upcourt, get it out of Magic's hands and deny, and make other people make decisions. For us to do this we must use quick pressure to Johnson, immediat retreat defensive transition to Scott and Worthy, and backcourt doubles from our late bounder. If we are caught in the mid-court without pressure and cross-matched we must find a way to run-jump or before halfcourt. If caught in thier sets we will rotate to some players sometimes, i.e. Johnson and Worthy, and demand good post-up D. on other players Perkins and Dvacs.

Offensively, the Lakers rush back to vitually a 1-2-2 zone and cover out.They are relaively equal in height so they can switch on crosses. We expect they will double on screen rolls and rotate and they belive in doubling on yhe post and rotating. They have an umbrella defensive idea-stay tall and pack it in-prevent penetration. It reminds us of Cleveland.
You can score early if we rush the ball and find our shooters before they cover out and when they come out we can post quickly. We believe your triangle offense will confuse them, but you must run good cuts and screen well, and read their defense.

sâmbătă, 8 octombrie 2016

Did you know

Did you know that Adidas had a chance to land rookie LeBron James with a 10-year, $100 million contract. Instead, they lowered their offer to $70 million at the last minute, allowing Nike to swoop in with a $90 million deal to land the future superstar?
Did you know that Gordon Hayward suffered a dislocated and broken finger on his left hand. He's expected to miss six weeks, according to sources? Bad news.
Did you know that Rudy Gobert hit 25 free throws in a row in practice and then he made sure everybody knew it with a prolonged ringing of the celebratory bell?

Did you know that Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson expected to sit next two exhibitions with sore left foot? Precautionary measure.

Who is bigger in terms of legacy, fame and cultural and social significance, Kobe or Lebron ?

My answer is:
Cultural and social-impact wise, it's Kobe after MJ. Kobe's personality had a myth surrounding him due to him being so elusive, distant and charming at the same time. Plus, he spoke many languages, was v articulate, played for the most popular NBA franchise. Kobe's cultural impact is insane despite his peak and presence not coinciding enough with social media. There is just something star-like, old Hollywood-ish about Kobe.
Kobe can do interviews in English, Spanish, Italian, Serbian and Mandarin. So ya, I'll go with Kobe on this one. Mamba is loved all around the world and is one of the faces of the best franchise in NBA history.