By losing to the Bucks, the 20-49 Lakers can no longer mathematically make the playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated from PLAYOFF CONTENTION
By losing to the Bucks, the 20-49 Lakers can no longer mathematically make the playoffs.
Mathematically eliminated just happened. Realistically eliminated happened in December.

Lakers fan: We were playing decently until we got hit by the injury bug at the most difficult time of the season. We lost key players during a long road trip that halted any momentum we had. At that point what are the Lakers gonna do? Go all out for an outside shot at 10th seed? Might as well tank. It wasn't the plan from day one but you have to adapt.
I knew at the beginning that it was just smoke and mirrors and when the hardest part of the calendar came we'd fall... but the injuries hit us in a bad moment. Let's just hope it's all for the best long term wise.

All NBA arenas ranked by elevation

The data is from Google Maps at the actual arena locations. New Orleans has an average elevation below sea level but Smoothie King Center has an elevation of 2 feet.
Elevation actually has a pretty substantial effect on baseball.The elevation makes it way easier to hit home runs due to the air being thinner. Doesn't really give the Rockies an advantage like you would in basketball though because conditioning really isn't a problem in baseball. A benefit for players is that their season stats are inflated. Building a team to be power-hitting oriented in Denver would kind of be the same as building a fast paced team.

All NBA arenas ranked by elevation

Last 10 seconds Phoenix Suns 109-106 Boston Celtics

It seems like it was just yesterday the Suns were losing on a bunch of buzzer beaters. Good to seem them on the winning side.And this is against the Celtics. Just the icing on the cake (hopefully that cake is delicious by the time the draft arrives).

Chriss made both those buckets happen, great focus by him. The real heroes are off-ball players who pay attention to details in transition.
Thomas makes the free throw and he sets a perfectly timed screen on an unsuspecting Isaiah Thomas, forcing Crowder to switch onto the much quicker Bledsoe. Nice presence of mind after a big make like that to be immediately in the defensive mindset. Something we take for granted in the NBA, but makes me want to pull my hair out watching some players literally forget to press after they score and then get burned when they remember too late.

Last 10 seconds Phoenix Suns 109-106 Boston Celtics

Joe Johnson 27 Points Full Highlights - 2/8/2017

Joe Johnson has entered the realm of being a productive veteran. Good for him. Liked him with the Hawks. I definitely did not appreciate Joe as much as I probably should have. Glad to see he's still got it.

Joe Johnson 27 Points Full Highlights - 2/8/2017

Dion Waiters playing like the player Dion Waiters thinks he is

Really happy when I see stuff like this from Dion, especially after his brother's death last year. He gets meme'd a lot, but I really like seeing him successful.
If anyone watched the postgame interview you could tell he was really happy and reiterated that he wants to stay in Miami and he considers it home. Memes aside glad he finally caught a break since coming back from injury.

Dion Waiters playing like the player Dion Waiters thinks he is

OJ Mayo's out here trying to find himself

He's certainly had an interesting life. Grew up in southern WV, played college ball in southern California, put in ~8 years in the NBA and is currently wandering around in Africa.
OJ Mayo is suspended for this year and next year for testing positive for a banned substance that the NBA classifies as a "drug of abuse" (could be amphetamines, cocaine, LSD or something else). I don't really see how he could still be on the Bucks and before he got suspended he was a high volume shooting bench player.

Source Instagram juicemayo3

LeBron James vs Dwyane Wade Historic Duels

Their lines were absolutely nuts this game, 24 year old Wade vs 21 year old LeBron James
44 points 8 rebs 9 assists 2 steals 1 block 1 turnover on 18/36 for Wade
47 points 12 rebs and 9 assists with 2 steals and 4 turnovers on 16/25 for LeBron
43 and 45 minutes played, legendary reg season matchup.

Cavs-Warriors was the highest rated Christmas game on ABC in 12 years

I was expecting an ugly game because i think most players really hate playing on Christmas. Good lord did it pick up. I honestly thought it was going to be a boring 20 point blowout. Cavs didn't have J.R. and LeBron doesn't go all Super Saiyan LeGOAT mode until the playoffs. So glad I was wrong.
This game will become a tradition, and then in 15 years the new generation will ask why these garbo teams are playing each other on Christmas. And Cavs will have Lebron Jr in 15 years.

Cavs-Warriors was the highest rated Christmas game on ABC in 12 years, generating a 5.9 overnight rating.
That was basketball at its finest. I don't care if people are tired of it. I want to see these 2 teams in the finals again. It's so entertaining.

When Stephen Curry nailed a pull-up 3-pointer to give the Warriors a late 3-point lead after the Cavs had tied it, it looked like maybe the reigning unanimous MVP was going to make his presence felt. Instead, that was it from Curry, who finish…

What is Slam Dunk?

A slam dunk is a basketball shot in which a player jumps through the air to force the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim.
This expression is also often put as a verb,slam-dunk, meaning “make a forceful move against someone,” as in This is a great chance for us to slam-dunk the opposition. The idiom comes from basketball, where it refers to a dramatic shot in which the ball is thrust into the basket from above the rim.

Best Slam Dunkers in Basketball - Top 5
1. Vince Carter - Vince Carter is the best dunker to ever live. Michael Jordan is even close to Vince Carter's dunking ability. Did MJ ever stick his elbow in the rim? NO! Did MJ do a 360 windmill? NO! Did MJ ever get in a dunk from between his legs off a bounce pass from T-Mac? NO! Dr. Is better than MJ.

2. Michael Jordan - Created so many types of in-game dunks and was the most completely unstoppable dunking force of all time. And easily the greatest player EVER.

3. Julius Erving - Dr. J is t…