marți, 6 septembrie 2016

NBA news

NBA news
1. Yao Ming vs Dallas Mavericks: 2005 Playoffs Full Highlights - 33 points, 8 rebs and 2 blocks.
2. Steph Curry finally rewatched game 7 of the Finals: "I was a little mad at myself and getting back into the grind of working out for next season. I think it was a good motivator to get back into the gym and keep working."
3. Shaq does a Q&A with The Vertical's Shams Charania:“I had a great career, but I didn’t get a chance to showcase what I can really do. That’s because the double- and triple-teams were coming so quick. I had the ability to step out, go around defenders, dribble by people, but I never got to show that.

4. Kings second-rounder Isaiah Cousins of Oklahoma has signed a partially guaranteed one-year deal, league sources tell The Vertical.National Writer
5. One of my favorite Warriors of all-time who's also an under-rated source of highlights: Monta Ellis Top 10 Plays of His Career, complete with a facial, 360 reverse layups, and a couple of your typical buzzer-beating game-winning fadeaway runners.