Basketball is just too quick

For 98% of people watching basketball, including myself, it just looks like a bunch of ginormous dudes fumbling around in a giant mess until one of them puts the ball in the hole. Unlike football where I can recognize offensive and defensive schemes. I can name routes being run. Basketball is just too quick, too crowded and too messy for my brain to pick up on anything. Before I notice something happening, you're already on to the next thing. Football has a lot of time for you to think and look around.

Basketball is just too quickTo give fans a bit more credit – I think a large problem is how the game is presented to us. This side view makes it hard to process spacing in real time.
Like if we watched aerial views of the game, it'd be easier to see how the Warriors are defending the pick and how Lebron is choosing to counter.
There's also a lot more decision making involved in basketball and less structure. Sometimes teams won't run shit and just let their best player d…

LeBron is Superman

If LeBron is Superman then Kawhi has to be Batman. Superman and Batman both lost their parents, LeBron and Kawhi lost their fathers. Superman didn't interact a lot with his parents but Batman had a few years with them, LeBron never knew his dad and Kawhi spent a few years with his. LeBron was born ready like Superman , but Kawhi had to build himself to were he is (like Batman.) Finally Kawhi is the only player in the league (of only sf) that really gave LeBron trouble, Batman is Superman's only competition in the DC Universe.

LeBron is Superman - VIDEO
That last dunk in the video... Man, I remember reporters asking Kyrie about why he tossed up so far past the rim and he said "Because I wanted to watch him one hand dunk it." (Paraphrasing) one of the best answers to a question ever. I think he said along the lines of "because i wanted to see something awesome", which is even better.

LeBron James became the first player in NBA history to bring 2 teams to 4 NBA finals

I wish I could go back and enjoy those Miami teams knowing what I know now...The Wade LeBron fastbreak was the most fun I've ever had watching basketball.
If the NBA ever gives names to the trophies for East and West, the Eastern Conference championship trophy should be named after Lebron.

I remember reading reports that LeBron was up to 270 pounds during the 2014 playoff run then decided to bulk down when he came back to Cleveland. LeBron is a genetic freak of nature.
He learned from Kobe and Timmy - no amount of prevention and recovery can top putting up less weight on your joints in the first place. Plus as athletes learn their bodies (and the demands of playing professionally), the smart ones figure out which muscles actually help them play better and which just weigh them down.

LeBron James became the first player in NBA history to bring 2 teams to 4 NBA finals. Wilt has been to 7 finals I believe. The closest who comes to this record is Kareem (2 finals with the Bucks, 8 wit…

50% Accumulator On Euro Basketball

Accumulators are popular because they give punters the opportunity of turning several lower odds selections into one bet with higher odds. Accumulators actually predate single match betting and are the most common bet type on UK football or Euro basketball. Each year someone wins tens or hundreds of thousands by hitting a big 10+ line accumulator.

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50% Accumulator On Euro Basketball
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Michael Jordan's shot chart for the 1996-97 season

The one thing people sometimes nitpick about Jordan's game is that he wasn't a good 3-point shooter, but he never had to be and it wasn't viewed as important in his era. If he was in today's NBA, do you really think he wouldn't adapt and stretch his range back a few feet?
If you can score 37 ppg on ridiculous efficiency and you don't need threes to get there, then by all means just keep on doing what you're doing.

Michael Jordan's shot chart for the 1996-97 season - It's also impressive that the chart's almost symmetrical.
I remember him saying something along the lines of him improving his weaknesses so that they were his strengths. He focused on his jumper a bit more when teams expected him to drive. He also improved his defense and ability to drive to the left.

As Michael Jordan got a little bit older, his mid-range fadeaway became his favorite shot. It was lethal and it didn't require the energy or athleticism it took to go to the paint.…

Golden State Warriors 136-100 San Antonio Spurs Highlights

Warriors vs Cavs is going to be Goliath vs Goliath. It really feels like I'm witnessing history this whole season. LeBron chasing his legacy, Westbrook breaking unbreakable records, the Warriors becoming the dynasty that they are, plus all the side stories like KD vs Westbrook, IT and the Celtics becoming dominant out of nowhere, Lavar Ball trying to HHH his way into the league with his DX children, Boogie and everything that went down with him, Harden fouling his way into greatness. It's like a season of a show where almost all of it is just focused on building up for the season finale with a bunch of minor characters getting killed off.
I swear this is the most fun I've had watching the NBA.

Golden State Warriors 136-100 San Antonio Spurs Highlights

John Wall hits a three to puts the Wizards up 1 with 3.5 remaining, Highlights

Wall on his post-game interview: We aint going home tonight. a 50-50 game, that's all we're asking for.
It's his team. John Wall has been through some deep trouble after Wizards drafted him back in 2010. But he stuck with Wizards, healthy or injured, hot or cold and I have no objections on him taking potentially the last shot of the season.
He deserved to put everything on the line like no one else on this squad.

I think John Wall just became a lot of kids' favorite player. I've liked Wall before and enjoyed his game, but this off-season.. oh boy. He's been crazy, I've not missed a Wizards game this post season because I don't wanna miss Wall. Such a fun player to watch. When he gets going full speed down court you know something awesome is about to happen.

John Wall hits a three to puts the Wizards up 1 with 3.5 remaining, Highlights/ Washington Wizards 92-91 Boston Celtics

Ty Lue: I wish we could remember some of our defensive schemes that well, video

Ty Lue on the Cavs intricate handshakes: "I wish we could remember some of our defensive schemes that well."
I love it. Not gonna be complacent with the current level of performance despite being 8-0 in the playoffs. Gotta look toward the big prize.I was a slightly skeptical of Lue at first, but his methodology as a coach and how he handles himself with media/press have been damn near impeccable.
Who needs defense when you can have the coolest handshakes? This is funny and kind of sad. Ty out here looking like he hasn't slept in weeks.

Ty Lue: I wish we could remember some of our defensive schemes that well, video

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors, NBA Playoffs Game 4, Highlights

Lebron James with no regard for prehistoric life.

This was LeBron's worst game of the series and he had 35/9/6. On 50% shooting too, with 5-11 from 3 and 8-9 at the line. The 6 turnovers were a little careless but that's why this was his worst game. Why did it look like LeBron wasn't even trying? Like half the time, he barely looked interested. Then half the time he is sinking 3's from downtown and driving the basket like its preschool.

That was disappointing. I thought the Raptors had more in them.
I'm so glad the Predators are killing it in the playoffs right now, because this has been probably the worst and most boring NBA playoffs I've ever seen.
But Toronto literally just doesn't have the mental fortitude to win games in the playoffs. A lot of that can be pinned on the coach, but the players have to own some of it as well.
I love Ibaka and Tucker, but let's be fair, Ibaka's a lead by example type, and Tucker's got the fire, but he's neve…